Accessible LIVING ROOM Design
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Accessible LIVING ROOM Design

If you now live with your siblings, share space with older members of your family, then you need a good living room design that is easy to use and satisfies everyone’s needs.

Creating a home where the whole family could live comfortably can be a daunting task.

Ensuring that all family members can move safely, sit fast, and have access to the aspects of the room they want requires careful and careful planning.

In this post, we will look at some of the elements available for living room design that you need to consider.

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While a well-designed house will usually have a good coffee table in the middle of the room, it is not always a practical feature.

Very low and small children can get caught on the edges.

Too many and fewer mobile family members out there have trouble maneuvering.

Very little fails from its primary purpose of being useful.

So what to do? Consider alternatives – side tables can work perfectly from a practical point of view. Keep it high enough to sit next to chairs and benches so that people have easy access to the interior.

And make sure you don’t use thin side tables that can shake and fall on small children.


One of the most important aspects of a family living room is the Sofa Set.

Creating a space where all family members can relax and be comfortable is essential, and that means including sofas and armchairs that are suitable for all families.

For children, try to have a small empty chair that is easy to reach. It’s nice for her confidence that she feels part of this family.

For older, you may need to consider a specialized chair, such as the Fenetic Wellbing armchairs. 


All sins need layers of light to be practical and beautiful.

Consider their needs for different age groups in your family.

Older siblings may need good work and reading lights, nothing more subtle, to help them adjust to light levels at dusk and night.

The touch lights on the side tables are good, as are the ones mounted on the walls. In all cases, make sure they can be turned on and off quickly. For young children and crawling children, think of pieces that do not pull or fall.

For all members, Alexa and Philips Hue-controlled lights can be easily managed for the whole family.


Fireworks around the fireplace are important when young family members are present.

If you are designing from the left, consider the modern style of a wall-mounted gas fireplace, which means that older siblings do not have to turn and can easily switch it on.

Even better is to install one with a remote control.

This makes your living room beautiful and practical, yet safe and accessible for your whole family.

It just takes planning, thinking carefully and considering the needs of your family members at certain times in their lives.

Do you need to make any changes to the design of your living room so that your family can use it?

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