Furniture's FAQs

Over a one years we’ve proved that rattan piece of furniture is durable, doesn’t absorb moisture, dirt or pathogens, and is incredibly low maintenance. in contrast to wood it’s light-weight and straightforward to store, however may be left outside all year round, with or while not covers. it’s temperature and ultraviolet radiation stable and does not split or crack. Over the lifetime of the product, it compares favorably on worth with all alternative furniture styles. The Palm Living whole is currently obtainable within the kingdom to marketing customers and that we aim to produce sensible quality product at an affordable price, by instrumentality or ex warehouse and that we additionally offer drop-shipping services.

Palm Living doesn’t have any Physical Store yet , but we sell our product from Website – www.palmliving.co.uk

We propose that woven furnishings is wiped clean the usage of Sling & Woven Cleaner, following the commands specific at the label. It is crucial to apply a non-foaming purifier on woven furnishings, as a foaming product will go away residues withinside the gaps in-among the weave with a purpose to then entice dirt. A strain hose on a low placing is appropriate to apply on woven furnishings, however keep away from the teak while the usage of because the excessive strain can erode the floor of the timber.
It takes each endurance and enjoy to weave a chunk of woven furniture. Our weavers are particularly professional artisans, regularly 2d and third technology weavers. Often, there are husband and spouse groups who will paintings concurrently at the identical chair. They use their conventional enjoy with herbal substances and follow their enjoy to the use of the current man-made wickers.
Yes, we do now no longer promote veneered Oak, it’s miles all 100% strong oak.
If you do now no longer deliver a legitimate telecellsmartphone quantity upon your buy, your object could be not on time till a legitimate quantity is given. We ought to have a legitimate quantity for pallet deliveries because of the book-in provider we offer. Please ensure your quantity is accurate and up to date upon every buy with us if it changes.
Our furnishings (now no longer cushions) may be left outdoor all year round, we deliver weatherproof furnishings with UV resistant design. However, it’s miles constantly useful to have a furnishings cowl too for additonal protection.

Palm Spas' FAQs

Consult the troubleshooting guide in the back of your Palm spas owner’s manual. In it you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues. This troubleshooting process does not require any technical ability to perform.
Palm Spas does not recommend using any type of oils or bath salts in your spa because they tend to gum up the filters and damage the electrical components in the spa. Using these products does not void the spa’s warranty, but any service needed to repair the spa because of damage caused by the use of non-approved chemicals is not covered by the warranty. Those can be expensive repairs, so we recommend checking with us before you use any new chemical or oil in your spa.
This question is best asked of your child’s paediatrician or other medical professional. Small children are sometimes less tolerate of exposure to hot water, so ask your doctor before allowing young children to use a spa.
Planning permission is not normally required for items of a relocatable/temporary nature like a hot tub or swim spa, however, if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, or listed property or a conservation area you would do well to seek advice from the planners before installing your pool or spa.
To install your hot tub, you only need to worry about three things: a solid, level base to stand it on, a power outlet to provide the juice, and a hose pipe to fill it up with – it really is that simple. If you plan to sink the spa, there will be the added consideration of access to the component panel for servicing, so do bear that in mind when planning and preparing your base. Always get full installation instructions from your supplier, which should include specific advice on sinking the model purchased.
Most hot tubs are very heavy and easily damaged, so if you intend to move one make sure you have plenty of help and good dollies/trailers to help move the spa. It is usual to put a hot tub on its side for moving, but take care not to put it on the pumps side as the door on most hot tubs is very weak (some hot tubs have to be transported flat). Note: Hire a trailer or flat bed to drive from one address to another, most hot tubs will not fit in a luton or a transit van.
Firstly, we must remember hot tub heaters vary considerably, from 1KW up to 6KW, and the volume of water to be heated varies, as does the mains water temperature from summer to winter. As an example, let’s look at a 300 gallon hot tub with a 1.5kW heater, with summer temperature mains water. You should expect this to be hot in about 20 hours. Bigger spas, different heaters and winter mains water will all have longer or shorter heating times. A final point – hot tubs are designed to be hot 24/7. Once a hot tub is hot you are only ever topping up lost heat. A 1.5KW heater will put about 3 degrees of heat into a spa per hour, so a typical 1/2 hour use will drop the spa temperature about 1 degree, meaning it will take about 20 minutes to recover.
Hot tubs are made in many different ways using many different materials. Our Hot tubs are insulated with high density foam so as an estimate we advise our tubs cost between £.80-1.20 per day. Most heat escapes from the top so a good quality thermal cover will save you loads of money. If it is not, then your expensive heat is just floating off into the garden. If the spa has a air blower, this will look nice, but have no therapeutic value and cost a fortune in waste heat. As the air travels from the bottom of the spa to the top it absorbs the water heat and takes it straight out in to the air. If you can see air vents in the cabinet then this means valuable heat is being lost to the outside, instead of being recycled back into the spa water. Hot tubs are designed to be kept hot 24/7. If they are built correctly, an average 300 gallon hot tub used 1/2 hour per day, every day, with an average 15p per kW energy cost will cost the owner about £260 a year. Larger hot tubs with more surface area and longer use periods, in colder climates like Scotland, and with higher energy costs, will cost more.
Most, if not all portable hot tubs are filled with a hose pipe. The time it takes to fill it with water will depend on how much water needs to be put into the spa, what size of pipe you are using and your water pressure. If you are in the UK, have reasonable water pressure, and are using a standard 3/4 UK hose and filling a 300 gallon spa, I would expect this to take between 1.5 and 2 hours approximately.
There is no recommended time limit for bathing in your hot tub, however, it is best to keep yourself hydrated whilst you are in the spa and drink plenty of water. You should also take care to maintain your sanitizer level, which will deplete over a few hours of bathing.
Water is good for your skin, but hot water over a long period will cause your skin to dry out. It is important to maintain the correct pH and Sanitizer balance so as not to cause skin irritation. I would always suggest that a good moisturiser is used all over after using your hot tub.
Air locks happen when the hot tub is being filled with water. It is possible for both ends of a plumbing system to simultaneously fill up with water at both the suction end and the return end which sometimes leaves an air lock in the plumbing. This can cause both heater and pump problems. To overcome this issue it is suggested to push the hose pipe down into where your filters screw in which will purge all the air out of your important heating and circulation systems.
Hot tub covers are made of dense polystyrene wrapped in polythene and then put in to a vinyl cover. When new this is a light and strong way of keeping the heat in and the garden leaves and children out of the spa. However as the cover gets older the corrosive chlorine and ozone that is used to kill bacteria in the spa water also starts to break down the polythene wrapping around the polystyrene core. Over time usually about 4-5 years the polythene becomes porous and allows the steam from the Hot tub to rise up in to the core until it becomes too heavy to lift. When this happens it is too late and a new cover is required.
If your Hot tub leaks there is no other solution than take off the side identify the problem and either replace the seal or union or cut out faulty fitting or joint and clean and re glue new pipe work. This is normally a job for a trained spa technician.
Introducing Ozone to the spa water after the heater as part of the circulation system is quite normal. The Ozone generator creates very high levels of ozone which in turn oxidises bacteria in the circulation system.
If you do not want to put any chemicals in to your hot tub, no problem. But you must drain down and refill after each use and ensure that the water is never in the spa for more than 12 hours! If this seems like to much hard work and you want to keep the same water in the spa for up to 3-4 months then you have to balance Alkalinity, PH and Sanitizer or your water will become foul and dangerous.

Filters will over time clog with dirt and grease until they no longer allow water to flow through. When this happens jets can feel less strong and heaters may cut out. On a regular basis it is important to thoroughly clean your filters, first of all remove the filter or filters from the spa and then soak for 24 hours in a bucket of filter cleaner. This will chemically break down the grease so that when you remove from the filter cleaner and wash with a hose it will be back to new again.

If you live in a hard water area then it is important to use a pressure cleaner as well as to soak in cartridge cleaner. The pressure cleaner will remove the calcium that has built up in the filter and blocks the filter holes. Calcium is white and a clean filter is white and sometimes it is not easy to see but if there is calcium in the filter it still will not allow the water to pass through. Instant filter cleaner is the light version of cartridge cleaner, just remove the filters and spray with the trigger bottle, leave for 20 minutes then rinse with a hose or pressure washer and then refit to spa. Use instant filter cleaner every couple of weeks and it will reduce the number of times each year you need to soak your filters in cartridge cleaner.
How long do you have to wait to get into your hot tub after shock dosing it?

If you are shocking the spa with Non Chlorine Shock then allow 10 minutes for it to all mix in and get right in. If you are using Chlorine granules then you must wait until the Chlorine level has returned to 5 PPM which may take 24 hours.